We stock 3 ranges of Period Pants: Adira, Hey Girls and Go With The Flo.

Hey Girls provide actual absorbency in the pants as do the Adira Incontinence pants. The others provide protection as backup but no actual absorbency.

Hey Girls Period Pants are a very effective mix of cotton, bamboo and other high tech fabrics dependent on style. They can be used for very heavy days and worn up to 12 hours.

Adira Panties are an exceptional option to help deal with heavy periods and light incontinence.  They give so many customers peace of mind and just that little extra backup that makes all the difference.

The Short is US patented and provides a small cloth platform onto which to secure your pad whether disposable or reusable plus a protective membrane across the panty for effective protection.

The Brief is a more brief style of panty that has a protective membrane across the panty from back to front for effective protection.

The Leakproof Panty is like the Brief but just has the protective layer across the gusset

The Incontinence Panty has an absorbent cotton layer and the protective layer from back to the front of the panty.

We are out of stock of Go With The Flo products except one panty which is gorgeously stretchy and soft and has a water proofed gusset

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