My aim was to run a store where I would like to shop myself. It was important to me to be a sustainable business. This not only means environmentally sustainable but also providing decent sustainable working conditions for the people supplying Luxury Moon. To this end:

  1. I only stock cloth menstrual pads which are not made in factories. All our pads are made in small cottage or home based environments.
  2. I aim to provide customers with a good range of choice. To achieve this I keep in stock a large number of cloth pads of different kinds, and a large number of brands of quality menstrual cups which can be easily selected from using the choice bars. I also give a choice of shipping methods. I am committed to providing low priced shipping so that customers can buy in stages and dont feel pressured to buy in one  order due to shipping costs.
  3. I aim to support people working at home or in cottage industries who want to balance their work with other elements in their life. These might be other employment, other interests or taking care of adults or children
  4. I take account of suppliers home lives and am totally flexible when they prioritise other areas for a while. To support this I work with a large number of suppliers so I can ensure customers still have pads available to buy.
  5. I build long term relationships and aim to work with suppliers over many years.
  6. I aim to work in partnership with suppliers and promote them along with the business. I try to give credit to all my suppliers and recognise their hard work.
  7. I aim to give customers a great choice. I don’t have a flat rate for postage. Customers get a choice so if they want to buy one or two pads they pay a cheaper rate. The store has a sophisticated Royal Mail shipping calculator so it works out how much the order costs to ship and charges accordingly. UK based customers also get a free shipping option at a set rate. I also aim to give a huge choice on the reusable menstrual products and accessories we stock. We have pads in a huge range of sizes, styles and materials. We have a large range of cups from the smallest to the largest on the market. I aim to help customers make their choice by providing step by step guides to how to choose a cloth pad or menstrual cup and a side bar system that lets you put choices in and get a suitable range to choose from.
  8. I don’t send free gifts automatically with your order. You won’t get sent chocolate with dairy in if you are a vegan! Instead we let you choose the free gift that suits you. We have a range dependent on the order size you make and you choose the free gift and add it to your order!
  9. We stock only menstrual cups from quality and proven makers. All our cups are vegan friendly and are made of proven high quality silicon or TPE (thermo plastic elastomer)


This is a critical driver for the business. I want to run a business with as low impact as possible on our beautiful amazing planet. To this end I

  1. Only supply reusable products (excepting Lunette wipes which are compostable) I do not sell any disposable one use pads or tampons however ethical as I believe that their use is not necessary and that we need to reduce our use of one use products to the very minimum.
  2. I encourage the use of organic fabrics and always have a good selection of organic fabric made pads in stock
  3. I provide a good selection of pads backed in wool or with no waterproof backing so customers have a good choice of pads with no plastic element
  4. I ship all products supplied from overseas by sea or land if possible. We only air ship if the country such as the USA currently does not provide a sea and land service. So when you buy a Homestead Emporium pad or a JuJu menstrual cup or a Bunchafarmers Stain Stick we have shipped them by sea.   The evidence is that air shipping is environmentally damaging so we reduce it as much as possible. We also want to support the sea and land shipping transport option so that they are not removed due to lack of support. We make the effort to order in advance and plan for the extra time that the order will take.
  5. We use as much reusable packaging as we can. All wrapping used inside packaging is reused. The envelopes that we use are either cardboard and reusable/recyclable or degradable and with a 25% recycled element. The boxes are made of certified cardboard and are reusable/recyclable.
  6. The office runs on a 100% green energy plan from Pure Planet. Electricity is from renewable sources and all gas is offset.