Reusable sanpro is just better than chemical filled disposables in every way. Its advantages in short are:
COMFORT: It is so much more comfortable. Cloth pads feel just like clothing, indeed some of them feel more comfortable with their velour and silky finishes! Our pads are all fastened with poppers or velcro so that you dont suffer from your pads catching on you. If you use a menstrual cup or sponge you dont get the nasty dragging of a dry tampon being removed.
COST: It is so much cheaper. A recent Times newspaper article estimated the average annual spend on menstrual protection as £50. For this amount you could buy 11 pads which is enough for many women’s monthly use and should last at least 5 years. If you choose to buy a menstrual cup a MeLuna cup is £12 or you could add 3 pads and spend under £30 which are both great value!
CONVENIENT: There is no more having to remember and buy disposable products and no more having to try to get rid of them in public toilets and at friends houses. There is no more embarassment for teenagers of rustling papers in toilets. You simply pack pads into your carry bag and soak when home. You can wear pads whener you want without extra cost – before the start of your period to make sure you have a pad in place for the right time, to cover times of extra mucous for example when pregnant or ovulating. Additionally menstrual cups are much more convenient for travelling. If you are backpacking its much easier to carry one cup than lots of tampons!
CLEANER: Contrary to popular belief disposable tampons and pads are not sterile. They are bleached white to look that way and to portray an image of cleanliness. When you use reusable menstrual wear, you are in control and can ensure they are cleaned in the way you would like.
HEALTH: It is better for your wellbeing. Reusable sanitary protection is not associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome. There are also many reports from women commenting on improved health following starting using non chemical based sanpro. These include reports on lack of itchiness and discomfort, shorter periods, less heavy periods and less period pain/discomfort. For further information on the health issues of using tampons please see  and also this shorter article:  The Seeing Red report here is also a useful summary: . Women also report feeling fresher and the absence of odour which is prevalent when using disposable products. Lastly many women report feeling much more in tune with their body and their cycle. It may sound a little earth motherish, but many women move from dreading their period to actually welcoming it and feeling very positive and in control.
ENVIRONMENTAL: Disposable products create landfill and end up in unsightly beach litter. Most authorities on UK waste regard disposable menstrual products as a worse problem than babies’ disposable nappies as there are many more women menstruating.

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