Cloth Pads Care Recommendations
These are general recommendations . Just like clothes in general, women choose to care for their cloth pads in many different ways!
Before Use
It is recommended that you do one prewash prior to use. This increases absorbency on some pads and also removes any substances used in the manufacture of fabric for any pads not prewashed.
Day to day care
Rinse pads in cold water after use AND/OR soak pads in cold water in container. Small icecream or similar lidded boxes are suitable. If you don’t wash every day, change soaking water every day. If salt is added to water it helps minimize staining but may also fade colours over time. Some people also like to add a little tea tree oil for sanitizing. Others use sanitizing liquids. Then put in any household wash. But watch not to wash with aplix fastening items as these have been known to snag and damage pads. It is also best to wash with like colours.
Do not wash at temperatures of over 60 degrees as this may damage pads.
Do not use fabric softener except the softener in Bold 2 in 1 washing powder which is clay based and wont decrease absorbency.
These pads are not suitable for dry cleaning and should not have chlorine bleach applied. Pads not containing wool can be tumble dried but only at a low heat setting. It is not recommended that wool backed pads are tumbled as experience has been that they can slightly warp or twist.
Keep in mind that pads can last from 5 to 8 years. They will last longer if washed at lower temperatures and not subject to tumble drying. This is also better for the environment. They are best line dried which also helps sanitise them