We are no longer taking orders for these great Blankets through our site. Please buy them direct from https://cherishingeverything.co.uk/new-shop/ We are still listing some examples for your information

Belly Blankets have grown from the maker Claire’s need for holding and comfort and with the original fleecy variety, for warmth.
”They really keep the kidney and whole stomach area toasty and warm.
I was needing the comfort and warmth on a physical level as well as on an emotional/comfort level. Like feeling wrapped in loving arms and held there all day till taking it off. sometimes i’ll sleep in mine too.
They are particularly fantastic on challenging days when you feel more delicate, for days when its painful to leave the house or be seen.
Have found the wrap can help on days when I am bloated and when I feel extra sensitive.
There is something really strengthening about wrapping
yourself in a piece of cloth, feels ancient; the Tibetans and many tribes do it too. To care and respect the hara,dantienne,womb, the creative hub of woman.
Men also enjoy them too.”

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