Which menstrual cup is right for me  -which should I buy?

What are the differences between the cups you stock?

We stock a wide range of cups as we want customers to have a good choice. We have organised the store so we outline the most important things to look for and you can go through the different variations, make a choice and lead to a small selection of cups to choose from that fit your choices –  You can use  the side selection bars in the Menstrual Cups section to quickly select which cups meet your personal requirements and show you the differences between them.

The most important factors to choosing a cup are:

1) Choose the right length . You need a cup that can fit under your cervix and be a comfortable fit within your vagina.  To determine what size you need it is first recommended that you measure how much space you have to your cervix. This is done by placing a finger inside the vagina to touch the cervix which feels often like a button or nose. You then withdraw the finger and measure the length. You then look at our cups section where you can choose cups as long or shorter than the length you measured. We provide information on the lengths of the cup, and of the cup with handle. You can remove handles from all cups bar Femmycycle so can consider the length of the cup alone but many folk do find it easier to use a cup with handle.

2) Consider your flow. If you have a heavy flow it is better to choose a cup with higher capacity such as the larger Mamicup, Femmycycles, Large and XL Me Luna and the Medium and Large Luv Ur Body. In addition a lot of women give good feedback on the Fleurcup as it has a round shape allowing good capacity for its size. We show two measurements of capacity – to the air holes and to the rim. Some folk experience leaking through air holes whilst others dont and can use the full capacity to the rim.

3) Choose the right width (diameter). If you are used to inserting things in your vagina you will find it easier to wear medium to wider cups. If not you may wish to try narrower cups.

4) Consider the softness/firmness of the cup. Firmer cups are generally easier to pop open and get a seal on thereby minimising leaks. They are also better for those with stronger/firmer muscles who do regular sport as they stay open better. Softer cups are generally chosen by folk who have found a firmer cup pressing against them internally and found it uncomfortable. We would generally recommend that you choose a cup of soft/medium and firmer for a first cup especially for the Me Luna brand cups. Some new comers to cups can find it hard to get a seal on a soft cup.

5) Choose the right handle provided to remove/place the cup.  There are a variety from a ring end to a ball end to a flexible stem to a hollow firm stem. Some cuppers prefer more flexible or ball handles. Handles that arent hollow are easier to clean. The handles on all cups other than Femmycycle can be removed if desired. Also please note that if you are having any issues with a cup there are some actions that can be taken rather than buy a new cup. A cup can be worn inside out to shorten it and alter the way it sits inside you You can also shorten the handle or wear the cup without a handle. Please note that it can also be helpful to use a different fold in inserting the cup.

6) Lastly two other factors to consider in choosing a cup are the colour and the brand . Colour is a very individual choice and very important to some folk.  We have a large selection of colours from purple to gold glitter. Me Luna provide the greatest selection of 10 colours. There are also other coloured cups from Luv Ur Body, Si Bell, CupLee, Naturalmamma, Ruby Cup , Mamicup and Lunette. In brands we stock all well proven brands made of tested and proven high quality materials.