Hey Girls Mighty High Lace Period Pants


Hey Girls Mighty High Lace Period Pants do what they say on the tin. They are comfy and cosy high-rise underwear giving you maximum protection whilst on your period.  Mighty High’s are made from layers of super absorbent cotton and a high tech outer-layer to keep you dry night or day.


Extra drops

Hey Girls is a social enterprise set up to offer no leak, super comfy, chlorine and bleach free, environmentally friendly products that tackles period poverty in the UK. How? All the profits from their Buy One Give One products including this one go directly to help girls and young women in need. For every pair of period pants or menstrual cup you buy, they give one away to a woman in need. It is that straightforward!



  • High Absorbency
  • Holds Up To 25 ml – 4-5 tampons or 5 teaspoons
  • Wee and period proof for periods and leaks
  • Wear for up to 12 hours
  • For Day and Night
  • Quick to air dry
  • Machine wash up to 40° and line dry. Rinse after use. No tumble drying, no fabric softener

Remember – whenever you buy a Hey Girls product, they donate.  So by buying from us today you’re helping someone in the UK in need!

These pants are good for the planet and good for you too, with no nasty chemicals or hidden plastics. You can wear, wash and wear again–they’re 100% reusable.

Use alone on heavy periods, light bladder leaks or heavy discharge.

What’s my size?

Our Hey Girl is 5″7 and wears a size M (UK 10/12).

Hey Girls Period Pants are sized in alignment with standard UK Sizes. The guide below shows the hip measurements:


SIZES XS Size 6/8 S Size 8/10 M Size 10/12 L Size 12/14
HIPS 35.5 in / 90 cm 37.5 in / 95 cm 39.25 in / 100 cm 41 in / 105 cm
CURVE – Period Pants Sizes
SIZES XL Size 14/16 2XL Size 16/18 3XL Size 18/20 4XL Size 20/22
HIPS 43 in / 110 cm 45 in / 115 cm 47.5 in / 121 cm 50 in / 127 cm

Customer questions

Our period pants are currently available in 3 different absorbencies. Light can hold 1-2 tampons worth of liquid, mid absorbency, holds up to 3-4 tampons worth of your period. The heavy absorbency styles hold 4-5 tampons.

Nope! Your period pants are there to replace any need for another product. That means you can just pull up your pants and go! No need to change or wash every time you go to the loo. When you have finished wearing your pants for the day or night, be sure to rinse them in cold water until the water runs clear, then add them to your wash basket.

Our pants are vegan friendly, paraben free, and made with high tech fabric that dries quickly to keep you comfy. The outer layer that touches your skin is made from organic cotton, and the bamboo terry or cotton inside our knickers has natural anti-bacterial properties. Our fabrics have been scientifically tested to ensure they comply with global safety standards and requirements. We do not use PFAS, PUL or nanotechnology in our Pants. They are certificated to Standard 100 of OEKO-TEX.

Depending on how heavy your flow is, you can wear our pants for up to 12 hours.

How to wash your period pants

Step 1

Rinse Pants

Rinse under cold water until it runs clear.  Do not soak.

Step 2

Wash 30° – 40° in a delicates bag if you have one.  Do not use fabric softener.

Wash Pants

Step 3

Hang up to dry, or pop on the radiator.

Dry Pants



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