Silja Size 2 Clear Menstrual Cup – Sample


This Silja Size 2 Clear Menstrual Cup is a sample cup which has been used as a demo cup hence the cheaper price. It has a stem handle . It is the same size as the Me Luna Medium cup and suitable for moderate flow periods.

Please note that you are buying solely the menstrual cup. It does not come with box, bag or instructions.

Silja is a sister company to Me Luna and uses the same great design, the difference being that the cup is made of silicon and not TPE. We find silicon cups slightly easier to use than TPE and highly recommend these cups especially to new cup users. There is a choice of 4 sizes all in clear colour silicon, and a choice of 4 types of handle

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Silja Cup is an environmentally friendly alternative to tampons and pads. It is a cup made ​​of silicon which is inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual blood. Silja Cup can be cleaned repeatedly and can therefore be used for years. The name Silja is a lovely name and also comes from sil – icon plus ja (yes in German) to alternative menstrual products!

Silja is a new cup developed in Germany. It has 4 different sizes and 4 different handles so that there is a great choice to suit all types of people. It is a sister company working in cooperation with Me Luna and the cup design is the same, the difference being that Silja is made of silicon. The sizes are called Sizes 1 to 4 instead of the Me Luna Small to XL. The handles are Ball, Stem, Ring and Basic (None) It is a medium firm cup in a clear colour.


(BASIC) (mm)







Size 1 38 45 +8 +10 +12 23 15
Size 2 41 48 +9 +12 +13 28 20
Size 3 44 51 +11 +15 +15 34 24
Size 4 47 56 +9 +13 +15 42 30



In order to choose which size it is first important to be aware how high or low your cervix is at menstruation time so that you choose a cup which fits into your vagina under the cervix. For example if your cervix is 50mm high you would be able to wear either size 1 or size 2 and not size 3 or size 4.

After this there are a number of other factors to be aware of

Size 1 Tends to be worn by young women and those with light flow. Also worn by women who have worn mini tampons previously. Tends to be women who have’nt had a vaginal birth (same as Me Luna size Small)

Size 2 Tends to be worn by a wide range of women and those with medium flow. Often worn by women who have used regular tampons previously and not any heavier. (Same as Me Luna size Medium)

Size 3 The most typical size for adult women especially those over 30. Often worn by women who have had a vaginal birth. Also by women who have heavier days and who do wear super tampons at times. Women with lower muscle tone often choose this size. (Same as Me Luna size Large)

Size 4 This is for women with high cervixes and who experience very heavy flow. Usually women wearing this cup dont have tight muscles. (Same as Me Luna size XL)

Silja Cup is made ​​of medical silicon and contains no bleaches or dyes or any chemicals such as formaldehyde,  glyphosate or phthalates. It does not contain PVC or latex. It is comfortable to wear and does not dry out the vaginal mucosa. Silja Cup provides secure protection during the day and overnight for up to 12 hours.

Using it is very simple. Fold Silja Cup , insert, empty after use, rinse and reuse.

How do you use it? Wash your hands thoroughly. Take the cleaned Silja Cup and moisten it with a little water or lubricant. Fold Silja Cup according to the instructions.

Take up a comfortable posture. Many women succeed well in standing or in a squatting position. Even with one leg raised, for example, on the edge of the bathtub can be helpful to start with.

Then slide  Silja Cup with the opening upwards into the vagina firstly upwards and then almost backwards. At first, you might have the feeling that the front portion of your vagina is too tight. These are the muscles of the pelvic floor that are very strong in the anterior part of the vagina. Exhale gently and relax the muscles.

Most women find the cup works well when sitting in the lower section of the vagina,  not in the same position as tampons. There are hardly any sensory nerves and you will not feel anything when you move. Silja Cup is held in place by your pelvic floor muscles.

Some women however prefer to wear Silja Cup further up and you may find that the cup finds its own positioning. If you can’t immediately get hold of the Silja Cup , please do not be alarmed. Press with your pelvic floor muscles a little so it moves down.. By simultaneously pressing with your muscles, you can reach the handle. When you reach the handle, it is best to press gently on the actual cup to break the seal and then use the handle to move  the cup down and out. Empty the contents and clean Silja Cup before inserting it again. With experience, this is quick and easy.

Depending on your menstrual flow and your Silja Cup size it will be necessary to empty every 3 to 8 hours. Initially, you could start by changing as often as you changed tampons or pads and then learn from experience how quickly the cup fills and how often you need to empty it. Always wash your hands before emptying your cup. Take up a squatting position and positioning over the toilet can be practical to avoid spills at first.

When using a cup you still need to be aware of Toxic Shock Syndrome. TSS occurs in both women and men of all ages. The disease is therefore not only something that happens with the use of tampons. The bacterium occurs almost everywhere in nature and can also be detected in approximately one third of the healthy population on the skin and in the upper respiratory tract. Throughout life, most people develop antibodies against the toxins of the bacterium. If you use tampons (or a diaphragm for birth control), there is a small increased risk of TSS cancer, compared to women who do not use it.  The toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is an infection caused by bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) and severe circulatory and organ failure can result. TSS occurs more frequently in women during menstruation and the use of tampons. We do not know yet exactly how TSS is produced and whether it may also occur with menstrual cups. The symptoms of TSS may be flu-like, sudden high fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness during your period, or shortly thereafter. If these symptoms occur, remove the Silja Cup and immediately seek medical advice.

Please note that if you have ever had TSS, medical recommendation is that you should not use a menstrual cup thereafter.