Me Luna Pink Soft XL Shorty Menstrual Cup


Me Luna developed these Shorty cups as shortened versions of their classic Small to XL cups. They are ideal for those who have a lower cervix and/or those who have prolapses. This is the widest range of low cervix menstrual cups on the market in terms of size, colour, firmness and handle choice. It is deservedly very popular.


Me Luna is a reusable menstrual cup for woman so you only need to buy one, unlike tampons. It is worn internally in the vagina to collect menstrual fluid. It is made of TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer, a type of plastic. Most other menstrual cups are made of silicon but TPE is also very widely used in making medical products for example catheters.
Me Luna provides the biggest range in sizes and colours of cups of any manufacturer worldwide. They  also provide a choice of handles and a choice of firmness.  They have revamped their cup design and their range in the last few years and have an excellent reputation for quality as well as choice.

We have 3 styles:- Sport (Firmest), Classic (Medium Firm) and Soft . The Soft Me Luna cups are made from 25% softer TPE material than the Classic. They are easier to fold and remove but they need a little bit more practice to place and pop open the cup hence it is recommended to buy a Classic cup as a first cup. We do not recommend buying a soft cup as a first cup. The Sport cups are made from 25% firmer TPE material than the Classic and are suitable for athletic women with stronger pelvic floor muscles. The sizes range from Small to XL.The Small cup is suitable for very young women and also for women with a light flow . The Medium is for women with a medium flow. The typical mature woman ie most women over 21 and those with heavier flow should choose the Large size. The XL size has been introduced for women with very heavy flow. The Shorty cups are shorter versions of the 4 sizes Small to XL suited to women with lower cervixes. Please of course note that height of your cervix is critically important so please do also refer to our general cups selection criteria to assess whether a shorty would be a better cup for you.

(BASIC) (mm)
Shorty Small 38 35 +8 +10 +12 15 8
Small 38 45 +8 +10 +12 23 15
Shorty Medium 41 38 +9 +12 +13 18 10
Medium 41 48 +9 +12 +13 28 20
Shorty Large 44 41 +11 +15 +15 22 14
Large 44 51 +11 +15 +15 34 24
Shorty XL 47 44 +9 +13 +15 27 16
XL 47 56 +9 +13 +15 42 30

The Me Luna cup does not dry out vaginal flora and is very comfortable to wear. It is free of PVC, silicone, latex, proteins and therefore antiallergen. The Me Luna cup should be sterilised in boiling water for 3 minutes before use. During use it can simply be rinsed in water or wiped with toilet roll and reinserted. After use it should again be sterilised before storage. The Me Luna cup should last 5 to 10 years with proper care. It should be kept away from sun and UV rays which damage it. Each cup comes with its own smart purple microfibre carry bag with Me Luna logo. It is packaged in a plastic envelope and fits through a normal post/mail box. It is sent in plain packaging with no logos. If you want tracking in the UK please choose signed for postage  – your order will not be tracked otherwise.