Eco Femme Red Print 100% Organic Cotton Night Pad


This Eco Femme Red Print 100% Organic Cotton Night Pad is made of Indian Cotton with texture akin to flannel. It is topped with a layer of organic cotton with further layers of organic cotton, a layer of PUL for waterproofing finished by a final layer of lovely print 100% organic cotton. It comes with the option of a really smart presentation pack (with an information leaflet on Eco Femme) so is ideal for a gift.

Eco Femme is a social enterprise whose goal is to create environmental and social change through revitalising menstrual practices that are healthy, environmentally sustainable, culturally responsive and empowering. We are proud to support them and to have been their first online seller in the UK. For every pad we sell one pad is given to a low income woman in India under a Pad for Pad scheme.


This attractive pad by Eco Femme is approximately 11.5 inches(29 cm)long and 3 inches (8cm) wide. It is for heavy or night  use and is flared at one end for better absorbency at night. This pad is made of 100% cotton with a leakproof barrier of PUL in the centre. The top layer is a cream natural colour while the back is a stunning organic cotton in a smart red print.  It has neat wrap around wings which  trimly secure the pad to underwear fastened by metal poppers. These pads can be washed at up to 40 degrees and can be tumble dried if required. Please note that in contrast to our other prewashed pads they may shrink slightly after the first wash . This pad has the option of being packaged in a lovely recyclable presentation pack with full instructions and makes a great gift (if in stock)

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