Wee Notions Suns and Rainbows Cotton Fairy Hammock Pantyliner


This is a longer length pantyliner which is super slim and very comfortable. It feels like clothing with its finish.  It is also great to wear as the PUL waterproof layer has a poly cotton outer that makes sure it grips well to underwear. These pads are available in either cotton or plush top (manmade very soft fabric). The length is 9.5 inches (24 cm)

These pads are made in Scotland in a local cottage industry.

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These pads have

  • double snaps for a great fit
  • wrap around absorbent wings for extra reassurance
  • a length of this pad is 9.5 inches ( 24 cm)
  • topped with print cotton fabric
  • PUL backing with a layer of polycotton applied for excellent grip and a very slim pad
  • inner layers of bamboo
  • overlocked around the edges
  • design proven over many years