Wee Notions Dragonflies on Purple Cotton Heavy XL PeaPod


This Wee Notions Dragonflies on Purple Cotton Heavy XL PeaPod was developed to be used as an incontinence product. It is very  hard wearing to cope with lots of laundering. However it is also perfect for use as a menstrual pad. It measures 10.5 inches long (27 cm) and it’s extra length over the 8 inch Heavy pad gives more protection.

PeaPods are available in three choices of absorption Light, Medium and Heavy. The PeaPod cores  which come in three thicknesses are overlocked and then sewn on to the fleece back that snaps on to your underwear.

These pads are made in Scotland in a local cottage industry.

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Incontinence is slightly more demanding of a pad than menstruation and these pads also work well as a secure system for managing menstruation. Many pads claim to be suitable for incontinence but many are wraparound where wicking onto clothing can occur. These pads have non wicking wings attaching to underwear with poppers.

These pads have

  • double snaps for a great fit
  • non wicking wings
  • the length of this pad is 10.5 inches ( 27 cm)
  • topped with cool cotton fabric
  • PUL backing and then sewn onto the fleece back which snaps onto underwear
  • inner layers of bamboo and cotton
  • overlocked around the edges
  • design proven over many years