Treehugger Sky Grass Bamboo Velour Heavy Flow Day Pad 18


This Treehugger Bamboo Velour Heavy Flow Day Pad is for your heavy flow days and daily protection.  It has a lovely soft top layer of bamboo rayon and organic cotton. It is very absorbent and incredibly comfortable. It provides dependable protection for menstruation (or incontinence if needed).

Treehugger is a very successful Canadian pad maker who have stayed true to their roots and thrive as a cottage industry.

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РLovely soft absorbent lustrous bamboo velour  top. 70% bamboo rayon. 25% organic cotton. 5% polyester.

-Water resistant fleece backing

-Measures 9″ (23 cm)long by approximately 2.5″ (6 cm) wide

-Wings have snaps to attach the pad to your underwear

-Machine wash and dry