Si Bell Pink Large Menstrual Cup


The Si Bell Pink Large Menstrual Cup is a cup with a beautiful almost space age Italian design. It is well known for being a soft cup that is easier than most to pop open.  It also has a very flexible soft stem with some neat grips.


Si-Bell is a menstrual cup made of soft medical grade silicone.

It has been designed to be folded and inserted into your vagina, suiting the unique shape of each woman.

What is the Si-Bell and why should I use it?

SI-BELL is an economic and eco-friendly solution to the increasing consumption of tampons during menstruation periods.

Hypoallergenic and latex free, the menstruation cup is made of 100% silicone.

Reusable and sterilisable, its soft material let you feel comfortable, without any sensation of discomfort into your vagina.

Ideal when doing sport and without any risk of leakage, SI-BELL offers you an economic and hygienic solution.

Simple to use, easy to insert and to remove, Si-Bell allows you to assess and to analyse your menstrual flow.

How to choose your Si-Bell?

Two sizes are available: S and L. You should first refer to our overall Luxury Moon Menstrual Cups Intro and Info section about how to choose a menstrual cup

Following that, Si Bell advise that your choice of the size is defined by two criteria: your age and your maternal history.

Have I given birth?
Am I less than 30 years old ?
Am I more than 30 years old ?
YES, vaginally
YES, by caesarean
Please note that the L size Si Bell cup is the same length as the S in total. The stem is made shorter to achieve this.
It is packaged in a reusable box .  It comes with a box, instructions and a choice of either a super silicon storage bag that can also be used for sterilising or a smart Si Bell branded cotton storage bag. 
Instructions are also available as a PDF attached to this description.SI-BELL USER GUIDE 2017
Si Bell is easy to clean being a smooth cup with no hard to clean letters or grooves on it

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