Scarlet Eve Bambi Regular Pad


This lovely Regular pad by Scarlet Eve is great for regular to moderate flow.. It is such a flexible pad with it’s open end so it can be boosted to become a much heavier absorbency pad if wanted. It is 10 inches (25.5 cm) long with wings and snaps to fasten on to clothing. It has a cotton top fabric for against the skin with a stunning Bambi print PUL back

These pads are designed by a midwife for ultimate practicality being easy to wash dry and boost if needed. Additionally they are very beautiful and the sewing is exemplary.

These pads are made in Australia in a small cottage industry

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This great Regular pad by Scarlet Eve is great for teens or petite women.. It is 10 inches – 25.5 cm long, 3 inches – 8 cm snapped width and has 3 layers of absorbent bamboo fleece inside. 

Regular pads have been designed with a flip-out feature, where the absorbent inner core can be folded out for more thorough washing and faster drying. This also allows the stain-removing powers of the sun to help naturally bleach the fleece. The open end of the pad also enables a booster to be inserted, to add extra absorbency for the heavier days.