Naturalmamma Green Menstrual Cup


The Naturalmamma Green menstrual cup is an Italian designed cup which is one size and designed for use by women of all stages in life. It is especially noted for being a long cup which is very soft and which has very good capacity so can be good for women with heavy periods who need a large sized cup.



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What is it?

It is a bell shaped cup made of medically standard silicon which is worn inside the vagina during menstruation instead of tampons or sanitary towels and used to collect menstrual flow. If it is looked after properly it is estimated to last for 10 years


  • attractive satin storage bag and instructions included
  • 56 mm in length
  •  flat flexible stem of another 15 mm that can of course be removed
  • diameter of 44 mm
  • volume of 27 ml to holes and 33 ml to rim