Me Luna Popup Pink Travel Cleaning Cup


Me Luna Popup Pink Travel Cleaning Cup is a closable, space-saving pop up disinfection cup for your Me Luna® or other menstrual cup of every size. This is a new version of this very popular cup. It comes with a  metal rim is made of uncoated pure stainless steel. This enables the cup to be more stable and stronger. You might think it very strange that this cup developed specially for use in a microwave oven contains metal.  It is often pointed out that metal should not be allowed in a microwave oven. That’s not quite true. The entire interior of a microwave is indeed made of metal. However, you should never put thin metallic foils or cutlery and dishes with metallic decorations (including gold ornaments on plates) in the microwave, as they can melt! Even the microwave oven can be damaged in the worst case.
But you should always be careful with your pots, pans and other containers, because you can not be sure how solid the material is or which other metals have been used. Aluminum is absolutely taboo!

Made from food safe, microwavable silicon. Can also be used as drinking cup during outdoor activities.

Volume: 225 ml
Dimensions folded: Diameter 80 mm / Height 20 mm
Dimensions unfolded: Diameter top 80 mm / Diameter bottom 40 mm / Height 80 mm
Scope of delivery: 1 cup

How do I use the disinfection cup?

Please place your Me Luna® into the disinfection cup and fill it up with water. The Me Luna® has to start swimming. The correct wattage settings depend on your microwave model. The water must be boiling for the disinfection to be effective. If in doubt, please consider your microwave manual. Most customers use medium power level / wattage for 3 – 5 minutes. The cup’s lid must not be completely sealed: otherwise the steam produced by the boiling water cannot escape.

The disinfection cup becomes very hot because of the heating process. Remember that it has a metal edge. Please take appropriate safety measures (pot cloth, oven mittens) for your hands and be very careful when removing the disinfection cup from the microwave. It may be better to let the cup and its contents cool down inside the microwave to be on the safe side.

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