Me Luna Cleaning Cup


Cleaning cup with lid, made from polypropylene (PP) – food-safe and microwaveable.
This cleaning cup was developed especially for disinfection of Me Luna® menstrual cups. It is space-saving and perfectly suitable for disinfection of your Me Luna® Menstrual cup!

  • Suitable for disinfection of your menstrual cup in the microwave
  • Suitable for disinfection of your menstrual cup with Milton Mini tablets

Cup capacity: 150 ml (with graduation for 75ml and 100ml)
Dimensions: 60 mm / Height 86 mm
Product: 1 cup with lid

How do I use the disinfection cup?

Disinfection in a microwave
Please place your Me Luna® with the stem facing the bottom into the disinfection cup and fill it up with water. The Me Luna® has to be fully immersed. Then put the lid on the cup. The correct wattage settings depend on your microwave model. The water must be boiling for the disinfection to be effective. If in doubt, please consider your microwave manual. Most customers use medium power level / wattage for 3 – 5 minutes.

The cup’s lid must not be completely sealed: otherwise the steam produced by the boiling water cannot escape.
The disinfection cup is now very hot because of the heating process. Please take appropriate safety measures (pot cloth, oven mittens) for your hands and be very careful when removing the disinfection cup from the microwave. It may be better to let the cup and it’s contents cool down inside the microwave to be on the safe side.


Disinfection with Milton Mini tablets:
Fill your Me Luna® cleaning cup with 75mL of cold water, then dissolve 1 Milton Mini tablet. After the tablet is completely dissolved, carefully place your Me Luna® menstrual cup with the stem facing the bottom in the cleaning cup and completely submerge it. Be careful not to spill the disinfection fluid. For Me Luna® menstrual cups in size L and XL the fluid may not be sufficient. Please add water until the cup is fully submerged.
Let sit for 15 minutes, then poor the disinfection fluid into the drain. The disinfection process is completed after 15 minutes, and it is not necessary to take any longer time! Too long a disinfection time can cause discolouration of the cleaning cup and the Me Luna® menstrual cup. We recommend using a timer (e.g. an egg timer) .

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