Liz Cook Natural Cleaning Solutions Chart


Liz Cook Natural Cleaning Solutions Chart is a really handy reference chart for cleaning to stick on a side wall or cupboard wall in the kitchen or utility room.

Liz says : We all know the cleaning is really done by fairies (especially the one that does that black ring around the bath). But if your house seems to need a little human intervention then this chart is the guide to environmentally friendly approaches to cleaning – using less toxic and often much less packaged and expensive alternatives to commercial cleaning products.

My two personal favourites are the distilled white vinegar and newspaper for windows and mirrors and bicarbonate of soda for the sinks – they come up unbelievably clean and shiny. I’m not that house proud but the results were so satisfying that I went round my home like a… well… cleaning fairy!

Full colour hand drawn and printed on high quality laminated paper.

Listed on the chart are natural cleaning solutions for washing dishes, clothes, sinks, taps, baths, kitchen appliances, showers, toilets, windows, mirrors, walls, paintwork, carpets, hard floors, dusting, soft furnishing, air freshening and even pets!

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