Little Gumnut Sew-It Cloth Pad Kit


The Little Gumnut ‘Sew-It’ Cloth Pad Kit contains everything that you need to make your own  ‘sew-it’ cloth san pro set, except for a sewing machine and a pair of scissors. The new pattern and kit in 2019 has been updated, from the materials to make sure you get perfect seam edges without any previous knowledge, to ensuring the safety of posting, handling, storage and disposal of the sewing machine needles. 

The design of the pad is more refined, and ensures better results for beginner and competent seamstresses/tailors alike. 

The pad and backing shape can be adjusted to suit your own personal shape. 

Please note that the pattern is not the Little Gumnut brand pattern. It is also possible to use the fabrics with a different pattern such as the Luna Wolf one which is available free for non commercial use at


Bamboo Velour colours will vary.

If an alternative fabric topping is available it will be in the drop down option box above

This kit will make 8 8.5″ pads.

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Kit contains:

Pad topping – Bamboo velour in a colour as per pictures

Pad base – Stretch fabric – This will make the outer edge of the pad look incredibly smooth and make it easier to turn the pad inside out when making.

Absorbency layer – Zorb

Pad Backing – Polar Fleece – for the backing of your pads.

1000m reel of co-ordinating thread to sew your new “Sew-It” cloth pads!

A branded SCHMETZ sewing machine needle in a screw-top see-through vial for your safety.

Sew on snaps for attachment to underwear- not the small fiddly type, these are the same size as our plastic snaps on our pads.

Little Gumnut ‘Sew-It’ CSP pattern.