Little Gumnut Red Wrap 11 inch Stoff Stuff Pad


Little Gumnut pads are very sought after and hand made in England. This pad is for heavy days and is a wrap shape so provides extra confidence and absorbency. It is backed in a special high quality fleece that is breathable yet so dense that it is waterproof.

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This lovely pad by Little Gumnut is approximately 11 inches(28 cm)long and  2.5 inches (6 cm) wide. It is for heavy days. Topped with cotton wrap fabric, it’s centre layers are of zorb with backing of windpro fleece. It has wrap around wings which secure the pad to underwear fastened by poppers. These are hand dyed products, although fixed rinsed and washed before they are sent, please do not wash with whites! Wash separately or with dark colours only until you are sure the dye will not run.