Leopard Print Fleece Womb Wrap/ Belly Blanket


Womb wraps are made from a cosy fleece material. The Wraps are very cosy and once you’re wearing one you won’t want to take it off! Many people use them when their back is ‘playing up’ as it provides a feeling of extra holding and support when they feel vulnerable and physically delicate. Similarly, they can be supportive if feeling emotionally delicate. There is a pocket at the back for a hot water bottle to warm the kidney and back area. A hot water bottle could be used at the front by pushing it into the wrap when wearing it if there is cramping or menstrual pain. They are not limited to winter wear, they can be worn all year round especially here in the UK! A lot depends on the climate.


They have a small pocket and are made from polyester fleece

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Dimensions 25 x 25 x 10 cm