Honour Your Flow Indigo Moon Night Angel Pad


These are very big cloth menstrual pads !! They have been called ‘whales’, ‘beasts’, etc.. The maker calls them Night Angels, and you’ll see why when you look at the quilting stitching. The maker states that they are for normal flow but we have found that they stand up to everything that has been thrown at them . You really can have confidence that they won’t let you down. You could also choose a Mega Pad as they are excellent at night also.

They measureĀ 15″ ( 39 cm) long and 3.5″ (9 cm) wide (that is roughly the length between your elbow and your finger tips!). You can really sleep easy with these pads, as the flared shape is designed to catch those annoying trickle leaks we sometimes get at night, and the width covers all eventualities!

These are made by Honour Your Flow a cottage industry maker in the North of England


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This pad hasĀ  a waterproof PUL layer hidden inside for extra security.

As with most heavyweight cloth pads it is important to wear snug fitting underwear that is big enough to hold the pad comfortably. It is a good idea to bring the granny pants out for these pads!


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