Honour Your Flow Bluegrass Organic Cotton Velour Mega Pad


This is the ultimate cloth pad for the heaviest flow. It is fully lined with PUL, which is completely waterproof, and backed with fleece too. It measures 17″ in length. It is made from organic cotton with a velour top.

This is one of the 2 pads that Luxury Moon most highly recommends for very heavy flow, the other being the Homestead Emporium Ultimax or Megamax pad.

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Features of this pad

– 8.5″ across the back, 6″ across the front and a generous 3″ width at your gusset.

– Open at the bottom with a removable insert – makes drying quicker.

These pads are VERY BIG ! They are 17″ long  (43 cm) and 3″  (7.5 cm) at the gusset. They will be too big if you are a UK trouser size 12 or smaller. Go for the Honour Your Flow Slim Mega pad in that case.


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