Homestead Emporium Stormy Cobalt Heavy Flow Wrap Wings Pad – PUL


This Heavy Flow Wrap Wings pad by Homestead Emporium is sufficient for nights for many people. It is a great first buy as it will work for you during the day and you may find that it is sufficient for night. Some folk even find it good for postpartum once flow slows down. It is approximately 11 inches (28 cm) long.

Homestead Emporium is one of the most sought after pad makers in the world and is a family based business in Canada

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The Homemademama Heavy Wings pad is a beautifully balanced pad.  It has

  • double snaps for a great fit
  • wrap around absorbent wings for extra reassurance
  • a length of this pad is 11 inches ( 28 cm)
  • topped with hand dyed bamboo velour (with organic cotton when available)
  • Windpro Fleece backing
  • inner layers of cotton/bamboo (usually as high organic content as possible but not always available)
  • been hand dyed so please wash at first with like colours

These pads can be bought either with a PUL back or a windpro fleece back. The PUL is slimmer and water proof. The windpro fleece is more breathable and stays in place better.