Homestead Emporium Rainbow Ultimate II Pad


Homestead Emporium Rainbow Ultimate II Pad is the largest contour pad in the Homestead Emporium range. Contour pads do not have wings that are absorbent. Instead they are cut more trimly with simply small wings on the back to attach onto underwear. It has very flared ends for great protection and is good for heavy days, heavy nights and postpartum.

Homestead Emporium is one of the most sought after pad makers in the world and is a family based business in Canada

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The Ultimate II pad by Homemademama has been created for those who need the ultimate night time protection in a slightly shorter pad !  It is especially suitable for post partum use or for very heavy periods. The difference with the Ultimate Slim pad is that it is shorter and has special wings which are attached at the back of the pad. This makes it less bulky than the wrap around style wings of the Ultimate Slim pad.

  • double snaps for a great fit
  • approximately 13 inches (33 cm) and the widest parts of this pad are 7 inches. The front and back ends are flared and wider and provide ultimate coverage.
  • windpro quality fleece backing
  • inner layers of cotton/bamboo (usually as high organic content as possible but not always available)
  • hand dyed so please wash at first with like colours