Homestead Emporium Purple Spectrum Mix Fluff Folds – Interlabial Pads (Set of 3)


These fluff folds are very small and neat. They are intended to be used as Interlabial pads but could also have many other uses such as wipes. Interlabial pads are meant to be worn externally by folding them in half, and tucking them against the skin between the labia. This helps to prevent the sudden gushes some experience during their menstrual cycle. Wear them along with a pad, or liner, as an extra ‘booster’

Homestead Emporium makes very sought after cloth pads and is a family based business in Canada

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If you’ve never heard of interlabial pads before now, the concept may seem rather foreign and possibly even odd but these tiny little ‘fluff folds’ can be a real life saver! Sometimes a pad, or a liner, just can not properly direct a flow, or pause that sudden gush of incontinence, that so many women deal with on a daily basis!

These little fluff folds should be changed when you change your pads and/or liners. Be careful not to let them fall into the toilet when going to the bathroom, as you may forget you’re wearing them.

Wash, dry, and store just the same way as you would any other reusable pads and/or liners!

Some like to use a lingerie bag to help keep them from getting lost along with the larger items but they can be washed just as they are too.


  • approximately 4 inches (14.6 cm) in length with width of 2.25 inches (5.75 cm) across centre when snapped
  • 2 layers of fabric – one bamboo velour and one bamboo fleece
  • hand dyed so please wash at first with like colours