Homestead Emporium Pink Heavy Teen Contour Pad


These Homestead Emporium pads are especially designed shorter and trimmer for teen or more petite folk . These are 9.5 inches (24 cm) long and can be worn either at day or night for super comfortable protection. This pad has an extra dense more robust fleece on the back.

Homestead Emporium is one of the most sought after pad makers in the world and is a family based business in Canada

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These pads have

  • double snaps for a great fit
  • small wings attach to back for trimness
  • a length of this pad is 9.5 inches ( 24 cm)
  • topped with hand dyed bamboo velour (with organic cotton when available)
  • extra dense less soft more water resistant polartec Fleece backing
  • inner layers of cotton/bamboo (usually as high organic content as possible but not always available)
  • been hand dyed so please wash at first with like colours