Homestead Emporium Coral Bamboo Fleece Megamax Pad


The Megamax pad is one of the three pads that we recommend most for postpartum and very heavy times. It is a super size very slim pad backed with water resistant windpro fleece. Homestead Emporium is one of the most sought after pad makers in the world and is a family based business in Canada

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The Homemademama Megamax pad is a beautifully designed pad.  It started out as a custom request for a longer Ultimax pad and became a Homestead favourite! It has

  • wide flared ends and double snaps for ultimate coverage to the max!
  • double snaps for a great fit
  • been designed for those times when you are moving a lot at night and perhaps getting up and down to feed a baby.
  • a length of this pad is approximately 18 inches (45.5 cm) and the widest parts of this pad are 7 inches (17.75 cm)!.
  • topped with hand dyed bamboo fleece
  • Windpro Fleece backing
  • inner layers of cotton/bamboo (usually as high organic content as possible but not always available)
  • been hand dyed so please wash at first with like colours

Please note carefully:

  •  it is an extremely  long pad so be sure that your underwear has the length to accomodate it. It is best to wear with snug large size panties with good elastic
  • it is backed with fleece so is water resistant not waterproof. Therefore really heavy flow in one spot could cause a leak. If this applies to your style of bleeding you might be better choosing a PUL backed pad