Go With The Flo Tropical Reef Shaped Super 12” O’ Pad


This Go With The Flo Royal Shaped Super 12” Pad is for any heavy flow times from day to night to postpartum. It is 12″ (30.5cm) long and approximately 2.5’ (6 cm) wide at the centre It has an organic cotton/hemp core topped in hand dyed, organic bamboo velour . This one is very special as it has been backed with water resistant wool. The wool has been preshrunk so that it can be washed in a regular wash. At Luxury Moon we do recommend that wool backed pads are best not put in a dryer as they can warp. The Go With The Flo original wing design wraps around panties and snaps for a secure fit that doesn’t shift!

The Go With The Flo Shaped Series is designed for full coverage in front and back without added bulk. It has a secret, tapered design that provides maximum protection just where you need it most and adequate protection in the “overflow” zones.

Go With The Flo is a cottage industry pad maker from the US. Their fabulous quality dyeing reflects the great colours found in life and nature in Hawaii, their home base.

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Shaped Series pads come in Maxi  – for regular to heavy flow  and Super   -heavy absorbency and are available in 10″ or 12″ length. The 10″ size features a slightly wider center of 2.75″ while the 12″ size remains the standard 2.5″ width. The Shaped Series is great for women of any build with a regular to heavy flow, for postpartum use, and for night protection.


– Lovely soft absorbent lustrous bamboo velour  top. 70% bamboo viscose. 28% organic cotton. 2% polyester.

– Centre layers. 55% hemp.45% organic cotton

– wool backing for leakage protection. These can be washed and worn as normal but we do recommend that they should not be ‘shocked’ ie moved from a cold to a hot environment suddenly as this can cause them to lose shape.

-Measures 12″ (30.5cm)long by approximately 2.5″ (6 cm) wide

-Wrap around wings have snaps to attach the pad to your underwear and provide security against movement

-Machine wash and dry