Femmycycle Regular Menstrual Cup


The Femmycycle Regular Menstrual Cup is a unique design from the United States. It is known for being very soft , for unfolding itself when inserted, and for ease of use. It is completely smooth and has a unique soft ring pull/handle which makes it exceptionally comfortable.



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The Femmycycle is a soft receptacle made of silicon placed in the vagina to collect blood and cellular debris discharged from the uterus via the cervix during menstruation. It can be worn during sleep, exercise and other daily activities. It is not associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome and has been approved for sale in the United States by the FDA.

The FemmyCycle is radically different from ALL other menstrual cups available due to a unique lid that keeps the menstrual flow from spilling outside the vagina. And unlike all other menstrual cups, once it’s inserted into the vagina, it unfolds automatically. With no holes at the rim and no need for any further manual adjustment—the FemmyCycle’s intuitive design does it for you

How do I know which FemmyCycle is right for me?

Please note the Luxury Moon guidance to choosing a menstrual cup found in or Menstrual Cup  -Intro and Info section . You may not therefore need this further guidance by the manufacturer:

When determining which model of the FemmyCycle is the correct one for your use, you need to find your cervix. To find the cervix, follow these instructions:

  • Stand with one leg raised up on the toilet, much like you would when you’re inserting a tampon. Insert your index finger into the vagina.
  • If your finger is inserted as far as it will go and do not feel the cervix, you have a normal yet high cervix. The best choice for you would be the high cervix FemmyCycle or the regular:
  • If your finger is inserted as far as it will go, and you can just touch your cervix, you have a normal average/medium cervix. The best choice for you is the regular FemmyCycle:

If you can only insert your finger until the first or second knuckle, you have a normal yet low cervix. The best choice for you would be the low cervix model.


What are the measurements of the cup?

To help customers’ comparison I list the full measurements of the 4 current Femmycycle models:

Model Diameter Height (including Removal Ring) Capacity
High Cervix Femmycycle 3.8cm 6.5cm 30ml
Regular Femmycycle 3.8cm 6.0cm 30ml
Low Cervix Femmycycle 3.8cm 5.0cm 30ml
Teen Femmycycle 3.1cm 5.7cm 17.5 ml

It is not recommended to remove the removal ring on the cup so you should take account of the height including the ring.


How do I use the cup?

Tuck one side in, and wrap the other side around to create the tulip (Origami) fold: This should make rim smaller and insertion much easier than the C fold: You may also use water to lubricate the rim.

How can I get the FemmyCycle to open more?

  1. Empty the bladder, and if possible the rectum. This will provide room for the FemmyCycle and thus would feel more comfortable.
  2. Close the rim of the FemmyCycle firmly and fold it into a tight U shape, or use the punch down, or the 7 fold.
  3. Lubricate the rim with water-soluble lubricant.
  4. Insert the FemmyCycle into the vagina very, very slowly with the opening of the U, or the punch down, or the 7 fold facing the back (the rectum).
  5. You may also insert your finger between the back wall of the vagina and the opening of the U, punch down, or the 7 fold to allow some air to open the FemmyCycle more.


How often should the cup be replaced?

The manufacturer recommends replacement every year. FemmyCycle cup is made from very soft, thin silicone to ensure comfort and ease of use. Its lid is even thinner, so wear and tear from opening and closing the lid limits the length of time for which the product can be used.  It can last one year but can last longer for example two years or even longer depending on the user. The manufacturer also points out that some yeast and/or fungal organisms can grow on silicone devices and cause persistent yeast infections. Using a new FemmyCycle each year will minimize the possibility of fungal growth.

How do I clean the cup?

You sterilise the cup at the beginning and end of your period. During your period the manufacturer recommends washing with liquid soap but many women simply rinse with water and reinsert. Sterilizing the FemmyCycle is easy. Simply submerge the menstrual cup in a solution of 10% white vinegar and 90% water for half an hour. Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly after soaking. Alternatively you can use Milton tablets or similar. Be sure not to store near sunlight or UV light rays. It is best to keep the FemmyCycle in its carrying bag and in a cool, dry place. Do not store in an airtight container.The Femmycycle is delivered in a box and full instructions are included.

Troubleshooting hints

If you find it hard to get the cup to operate to start with, try insert lying down as it is easier. It may also be easier to use a water based lubricant at the start.