Eco Rainbow Batik Bubbles Cotton 8” Regular Flare Pad


This lovely Eco Rainbow pad is suitable for regular flow during the day . This pad is slimmer than the standard Eco Rainbow shape as it has smaller neater wings to attach to underwear  but still has wide ends for absorbency/confidence. These pads are handmade in England and have a smart design and are smartly presented with a tie on label giving full information for each pad. They are therefore very suitable for a gift or of course to treat yourself!

This pad has the following features:

  • 10 inches long (25.5 cm)
  • Snapped width of 2.5 inches  (6 cm)
  • Absorbency Heavy
  • Polar fleece water resistant backing in either black or white
  • Zorb absorbent layer (s)
  • Kam snaps secure wings around underwear


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