CupLee Large Pink Menstrual Cup


Cup Lee is a very well rated menstrual cup from Russia. It is well known for being a soft cup that is easier than most to pop open and use.

This cup comes with a storage bag and instructions in Russian. The bag may be pink satin, pink linen or orange linen. Please state if you have a preference in the comments box on checkout.

There is a storage box available in our accessories section.

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CupLee menstrual cup is a special cup manufactured from medical grade silicone designed to be inserted into the vagina. We are currently stocking the Large size only . This is suitable for women over 25 years old or had a vaginal birth.  The diameter is 44 mm, height is 53 mm. The stem is 17 mm. It has a capacity of 30 ml and can be worn up to 8 hours. This cup does not disturb the natural vaginal flora or leave microfibres on the vaginal walls. It is not associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome

This cup is designed for comfort and has an entirely smooth surface meaning it is easy to care for and use

To insert the cup:

You need to boil thoroughly the CupLee menstrual cup before the first use. Alternatively, you can use special sterilizing solution.

Wash your hands carefully, take the cup and fold it in one of the ways shown in the diagram below.

Then gently insert the cup into the vagina directing it not vertically but towards your back and seat bones. Allow the cup to fully unfold against the walls. If you are not sure that the cup is unfolded, you should run your finger along the cup to examine whether it is placed correctly.

It is better to use the cup while sitting and fully relaxed , at least at the start. It can be helpful to try it out between periods to get the hang of it. You can use special lubricating water-based gel or just water to facilitate inserting your CupLee cup.

Emptying the cup:                       

You need to empty your cup 2-4 times a day, depending on how heavy your flow is.

You can wear it over night. You can wear it for a maximum of 12 hours.

In order to remove the CupLee you need to find the base of the cup by feeling. Press slightly on the bottom to weaken the vacuum and accurately draw the cup out. If you have problems removing the cup, just place your finger between the cup and the vaginal wall. It breaks the seal and the cup can then be easily taken out.

Cup maintenance:

The maintenance of the CupLee cup is easy since the surface of the cup is absolutely smooth without any inscriptions.

You need to boil the CupLee menstrual cup thoroughly before first use and after each menstrual cycle. Alternatively, you can use special sterilizing solution. If you are boiling the cup, you should do so for 5 minutes in enough water to avoid contact between the cup and the hot metal.

During your period it is only necessary to rinse the cup with water. If you have no access to the water for any reason, you can use toilet paper or special tissue to wipe it.

It is best to store the CupLee in a natural fabric bag between periods. Never store it in an airtight container! Avoid direct ultraviolet radiation so do not leave it it in sunlight.

There are some small holes in the cup which need to be checked and cleaned regularly perhaps using a dental brush.

The cup will last much longer if it is taken care of

Shortening a stem:

The size of the stem (17/21 mm) can be shortened if this works better for you. You can completely remove it but take care not to damage the cup itself.


The cup is not to be used for postnatal bleeding and you should have a doctors check before using it again after birth!

The maximum time of use is 8 hours!

It is not to be used as a contraceptive, or during sex and it does not prevent any sexually transmitted disease!

Use only unperfumed soap or other wash to clean it.