The intention of this section is for you to be able to choose a collection of pads that suit either you or the young person you are buying for.
1) I did a study a number of years ago which showed that most women had between 12 and 20 pads so this is a reasonable number to aim at. I do keep postage costs low so you can buy in installments.
2) If you have disposable pads they may be used for a guide for length. If not measure how long you would like in your current underwear to be covered and use that as an initial guide. Pads usually need to be longer for nights as you are lying down and need to allow for a wider area of coverage.
3) Remember that you may need a bag to carry when out and about. You might also want a wash bag. Thse are available from our Accessories section.
4) If building a collection for a new starter, you might also wish to consider buying a menstrual sponge to cover swimming and other internal needs. You might also want to consider a menstrual cup plus lubricant if your daughter would like to try this too. I also stock the Adira Panties specifically with new starters in mind as they provide extra protection to someone just starting out and getting used to using pads. If you have questions I am happy to answer on email or on Facebook at or you can ask in our  facebook group at
Pads in this section have been cut with a narrower width to reduce bunching on small/young women. .
There is a very wide range of styles and weights of pad so please read the individual descriptions. Please note that there may be more than one pad in a picture to show variations but pads are sold singly unless otherwise stated.