For customers information Jam Sponges , Moon Sponges and Levant Pur Natur sponges are unbleached and a natural brown colour while the other Levant menstrual sponges have been bleached a pale colour.
The Jam  and Moon Sponges have more give – the Levant Sponges are firmer. The unbleached sponges will last longer as they are more robust as they havent been bleached. The Jam Sponges and Moon Sponges contain sponges that are the same – the difference is the branding as the Jam Sponge is earthier and some customers preferred the Moon Sponge branding. The Silk sponges of the Levant sponges are a more rounded shape and regarded as better quality than the 4-6 inch sponges which are flatter and cheaper as a result. The Jam Sponge package includes 2 sponges plus cotton storage bag plus English instructions and Jam Sponge badge. The Moon Sponge pack includes 2 sponges plus cotton storage bag plus English instructions. The Levant sponges are singly packed and only the unsized 4 – 6 inch come with instructions.  English instructions are attached here LEVANT SPONGE -English translation
The sponges squash to a very small size when wet so size is not so much about fit but about what level of flow you need protection for. Small sponges (5cm)would be suited for light flow whereas medium sponges (6cm) would more suit medium flow and the bigger sponges either Large Size Moon and Jam Sponge or Levant 7cm work for Heavy Flow and Nights. The Levant Sponges are sold by size 5 cm 6 cm or 7 cm. The Moon Sponges are in Medium (approximately 6 to 7 cm) or Large Size (approximately 7 to 8 cm plus). and are generally rounded well shaped sponges.
Menstrual Sponges are very useful to have on hand in the house. If you are mainly a pad user you can use them for the odd occasion when you need an internal option such as swimming or biking. They are also an useful first internal product. for young girls as they are soft and dont need any technique to use. Additionally they are the only menstrual product you can leave on the bathroom shelf without any questions being asked!