Sanitary pads made of cloth are so much more comfortable than disposable pads. They really are worth a try! Ours are either topped with manmade fibres or natural fibres. The natural fibres are bamboo,silk, soya/organic cotton, flannel(cotton) or cotton which are generally regarded as more breathable. The manmade fibres are minkee and fleece which are regarded as more stain resistant. The centres of the pads are all made from natural absorbent fabrics (except Zorb which is a mixture of natural and microfibre fibres). The backings range from the manmade PUL and fleece to natural wool to some of our pads which have no backing. We recommend that buyers try a range of pads to see what suits them best!
We have replaced the overall table formerly here by individual tables in each pads section to give better details on our range.
All our pads are made by work at home parents or in small cottage industries. 
We regret that we cannot supply menstrual pads to customers in the USA due to FDA regulations.