INTRODUCING OUR WAHMS (the work at home mothers who make our cloth menstrual pads and accessories!)
Wee Notions
Wee Notions is mum and daughter team of Margaret and Suzanne who are based in Yorkshire, England. They specialize in a wide range of products from beautifully embroidered nappies to childrens clothes and their cloth pads named Fairy Hammocks. The term Fairy Hammock, was coined by Jo Brand. It alludes to old fashioned sanitary towels which had loops on each end, and did indeed look like hammocks only big enough for fairies. Wee Notions stocks at
Homestead Emporium
Homestead Emporium is Pieternella (also known as Peggy) who specializes in  cloth menstrual pads, and organic products for the ‘Whole Family’. She is not only creator and seamstress behind HomemadeMama, but also a Homeschooling Mama to five children . They are based on a small hobby farm on an island off the West Coast of Canada and are a true family business. They stock an exceptional range of cloth pads in size and materials used at
They formerly traded as Homemademama but their new name reflects the much wider nature the products that they now stock.
Ella’s House
Ellas House was started by Sara in 2000 just after the birth of her first child Ella.  She worked by herself until 2002 and now has 2 ladies working with her in their workshop on the far north coast of Scotland. She was one of the very first if not the first maker of cloth menstrual pads in the UK. Ellas House has a well known nappy range and specialize in hemp based products. Their pads are called Minx Pads. Their website is at
Nappies by Minki
Nappies by Minki is run by Michaela on the beautiful Isle of Lewis off the coast of Scotland. The business has grown over the years and now employs another six ladies sewing the nappies and accessories that were developed along the way mostly in answer to problems and needs that she encountered herself as a mother. They specialize in brightly coloured fun and functional nappies and their cloth pads named Minki Padz. They also sell fabrics and other sewing needs on their website:
Heavenly Anarchist
Florence pads are made by Annie who is a WAHM based in Cambridge. She makes a wide range of cloth nappies, wool covers and accessories for babies using recycled and eco fabrics. Recently she has further expanded her range to childrens clothes. Annie is well known for her amazing vintage and rare fabric collection which give a very unique touch. She stocks at  These pads were formerly under her Puddlepants label.
Go With The Flo
Since 2005, Go With The Flo has been making cloth pads with their original, stay-put wing design in a variety of sizes for both young girls and women.  Founded by Robin, who decided to turn her attention back to her children full time, GWTF is now owned by Anna Hakes.  She is a work-at-home mom on the island of Maui with a passion for caring for the Earth and our bodies with cloth alternatives made from organic and sustainable fabrics. Go With The Flo Pads are truly ‘Better for You and the Earth’! Anna stocks at and
Lovealittle is a family WAHM business based in St Albans,UK  run by Jane and her daughters. They love Art and Craft and like to sell to friends, at local craft fayres and to fundraise for the children’s Junior School  and Cancer Charities.
Jane works part time teaching Textiles and enjoys learning new techniques. She and her daughters are members of the local Embroiderers Guild. Lovealittle make a wide range of handmade products from cards to toys, craft kits, jewellery and accessories. Their shop is based on Etsy at
Honour Your Flow
Honour Your Flow products are made by Tree Shepherd in the UK. She first got into washable menstrual pads about 10 years ago whilst living in a yurt community. There was no running water or electricity, and compost toilets. Women happily hung out their cloth pads, so she naturally got her own too. It was fantastic! She was instantly converted. Honour Your Flow comes out of a deep love of the Earth, the rhythms of Nature and seeing the amazing thing that we women are. We are the bringers of life, the nurturers and the ones who hold the fabric of our societies together. Our bodies ebb and flow with the moons, the seasons and with the demands made upon them. It is a truly extraordinary thing to be given the gift of life as a woman! Each pad is made with love and care, honouring your decision to tread lightly on the Earth and respect and love your body with beautiful, natural and organic fabrics. Tree and her family are a Home Educating (un-schooling) family, and live in a very rural place in the North of England. Their website is at