Hi, I am Heather,mum of 2  based in London, UK. I found it very difficult to try a range of eco friendly menstrual products to see what suited me best. A lot of companies only sold one type and there was a lack of information on what reusable products were available. Having tracked down and used cloth pads for some months after my daughter was born I was amazed by how much better I felt in myself. I also became aware of how environmentally friendly and less wasteful they were. That is why I have set up Luxury Moon. It is to promote the use of comfortable chemical free menstrual products and make it easy for anyone to try a range of products to see what suits them best whether they want to try a menstrual cup or a bamboo velour topped cloth pad . In trying to promote the use of eco sanpro I also provide information for women who wish to make their own pads and tampons.